Fix My Speaker

Water Ejection Sound Player

Click the button to eject water from your speaker

Sound 1
  • Increase the volume to the maximum.
  • Play the sound 2-3 times for better results.

What is Fix My Speaker?

Has it ever happened to you that you experienced a muffled sound coming from your phone’s speaker after you dropped your phone in the water? I know this is one of the most drastic feelings to get your phone wet in your sink, toilet, or bathtub. 

Don’t worry; I came here with a solution to this problem. All you have to do is run the Fix My Speaker web app on your phone in full voice to eject all the water from your phone’s speaker. It produces sound waves of high frequency (180Hz) that mimic Apple water ejection features, efficiently expelling water and dust from your phone’s speaker.

How Does It Work?

The work of fix my speaker is very simple. All you have to do is tap on the water eject button, and a bass sound is produced, mirroring the same sound used in the Apple water ejection feature. The high-frequency sound waves effectively remove water from your phone speaker. Not only water but it also helps in removing excessive dust and debris from your speaker with a straightforward button click.

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How to use Fix My Speaker cleaner?


 Increase your phone volume to the maximum


   Place the device in such a way that the speaker side is facing downward


   Suitable for liquids such as water, cooking oils, alcohol, kerosene, and petrol. 

What not to do to clean a water-damaged phone?

1: Do not use a hair dryer to remove water or dust from your phone’s speaker. It will cause more harm to the speakers by damaging the sensitive components of your phone. 

2: Don’t turn on your phone if it is wet because it can cause a short circuit.

3: The rice drying method is used by many people to clean the speakers, but it can harm the phone as rice particles can enter inside the mic, charging port, or speakers. 

4: Don’t charge your phone until it is fully dry because it can also lead to permanent battery damage

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1: Use a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment to extract water from the phone’s speaker and to clear the speaker properly.

2:  Position your device with the speaker facing downward to allow gravity to pull water out.

3: Gently shake your phone to help descend water droplets from the speaker without causing further damage.

4: Read Further steps to fix a water-damaged phone

Why You Need to Clean Your Phone Speakers from Water and Dust?

1: One of the main damage that water can cause to your phone is the damage to your phone’s battery. 

2: Water can also disturb the wiring and functioning of your motherboard, phone camera, and sound and slider buttons

3: The main part of your phone, as you also know, is the display. Water can make it laggy and may also damage it permanently.

4: Dust in your phone can cause bad sound quality due to blockage of your speaker pores. So, fixing my speaker is also helpful in cleaning dust from the speaker.

In short, by preventing all the above scenarios, You can avoid any hindrance in the voice quality of your phone and can enjoy the best sound quality from your neat and clean speakers.

Why is my speaker crackling?

Crackling means any sharp sound made by something. According to my research following are the reasons behind your speaker showing such crackling noise

1: Dust or debris in the speaker grill can distort sound and cause crackling noises.

2: Exposure to moisture or water can lead to corrosion of internal components, resulting in crackling sounds.

3: Physical damage due to a fall or any other trauma to the speaker cone can result in irregular sound on the speaker.

4:Software-related issues, such as clashing audio settings or outdated drivers, can lead to crackling sounds.

Guide For Using Speaker Cleaner

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove water from your phone’s speaker effectively:

Step 1

Press the Play Now button on the top. It will start playing a loud sound. Make sure to keep your Phone’s volume full.

fix my speaker guide

Step 2

Keep on playing sound 1 until the progress bar reaches 100%

speaker cleaner guide

Step 3

Now press the Change Sound button to switch the sound 2.

fix my speaker volume image

Step 4

Again, press the Play Now button and keep the sound playing until the progress bar reaches 100%.

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Preventive Measures To Avoid Water Damage

Why To Choose Fix My Speaker Web App?

Clear Audio

It contains 2 clear audio sounds of high frequency.


Modern design that enhances user experience


Highlighted clickable buttons for easy navigation

Pause Indication

Includes a clear pause indication to stop the sound.

Progress Tracking

Includes progress bar for tracking sound cleaning


Helps to remove both water and dust effectively.

Common Phone Speaker Problems

Low volumeSound is barely audibleCheck volume settings
Sound distortionAudio is crackling or unclearClean the speaker grill or check the audio files
No sound outputThe sound is barely audibleRepair your speaker
Muffled SoundAudio is unclear or muffledRemove any obstructions near the speaker
Echoing SoundThe speaker is completely silentCheck for software glitches or updates

What to do If the Phone gets Into the Water?

Below are some important steps to be taken immediately after accidentally getting your phone wet. Follow these steps accordingly to avoid permanent water damage.

Switch Off

Turn off your phone right away to prevent any electrical mishaps.

Dry Exterior

Use a soft cloth to gently pat the exterior dry.

Extract Cards

Remove the SIM and SD cards promptly to halt any further damage.

Shake Off

Give the phone a gentle shake to rid it of excess water.

Exercise Patience

Be patient during the drying period to avoid irreversible damage.

Backup Data

If the phone powers on but shows issues, immediately back up crucial data.

Test Functionality

Ensure the phone works properly before reinserting SIM and SD cards.

Review Insurance

Check with your insurer about coverage for water damage

Waterproof Protection

Think about using a waterproof case for future protection during outdoor activities. You can also send your loved ones happy birthday wishes in Marathi from your phone.

Comparison of Fix My Speaker and Other Apps

FeaturesFix My SpeakerOther Apps
Water ejection feature✔️✔️
User-friendly interface✔️
High Frequency Sound✔️
Progress Bar✔️
No Speaker Damage✔️✔️
4.5-star Rating✔️
Vibration Mode✔️
Regular Sound Updates✔️
Dust Remove✔️✔️
Remove water from your charging port image

Accidental exposure to rain, spills, or submersion in water are common causes of water in the charging port. Removing water from your charging port promptly and taking preventive measures can help prevent water damage to your phone. You can also buy the Ikos device to use a SIM on your non-PTA phones.

  • Power down device.
  • Gently shake the device.
  • Use gentle fabric.
  • Employ the desiccant method.
  • Avoid high temperatures.
  • Check for residual moisture.
  • Apply air compression.
  • Minimize heat exposure.
  • Confirm port dryness.
  • Test for charging capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

IPhone lower models don’t have any feature to extract water. So you can fix my speaker web app, in this case, to eject water. The new IOS 16 compatible devices have a built-in option to eject water and dust by producing sound. Additionally, let me tell you that Apple watches also have this built-in cleaning speaker feature. 

First of all, take the phone out of the water and shake it to remove extra water rapidly. Turn off your phone immediately to avoid any short circuit. If the phone stays too long in the water, then it is recommended by professionals to place your phone in a container filled with silica gel beads for 72 hours so that it can absorb moisture from your wet device.

After all the processes mentioned above, turn on your phone, and we are hopeful that it will function properly unless permanent water damage has not occurred.

 The Water Eject Sound is a set of sounds that helps get rid of any leftover water in your device’s speaker. This makes the speaker produce clearer and better sounds.

NO, This web tool is only for cleaning dust and water from your phone. It cannot be used to clear other components of your phone or devices. You can read more methods to clean your AirPods and other gadgets.

Instead of relying on rice, alternative drying agents like instant couscous, oatmeal, crystal-based cat litter, and synthetic desiccant packets can effectively clean a wet phone.

Place the phone in a sizable container, ensuring the chosen drying agent entirely covers it. Allow it to sit in the container for 2-3 days. After ensuring the phone is dry, wipe it down, reassemble it, and check if it powers on.

You can fix your Android phone speaker by updating your phone software, fixing hardware issues, or by factory resetting your device.


In summary, if you are facing water damage to your phone’s speaker, the Fix My Speaker cleaner web app is a user-friendly solution, producing sound waves to solve the issue efficiently.

The article outlines the step-by-step process of using this tool for maintaining phone speakers free from water and dust. Alternative methods for drying a wet phone without rice and insights into why speakers may crackle are also provided. 

The inclusion of frequently asked questions adds practicality to the guide, addressing common concerns such as ejecting water from an iPhone and quick phone drying techniques. Overall, this comprehensive article equips readers with valuable information to handle various scenarios related to phone speaker cleaning and recovery from water and dust damage.