Can rice dry water from speaker

Can Rice Remove Dirt and WATER From My Speakers?

When you drop your phone in water or sand, the main problem that usually arises is with the speakers. They produce distorted audio, and sometimes even no audio is heard. 

To overcome this issue, people try different tricks. The rice method is one of the main practices that is usually performed. But the truth is that this method is not very effective in treating your speakers. In this article, we will tell you why this method is not recommended and will also enlist some ways to set your speakers. 

Why It’s a bad idea?

The rice particles exert pressure on the dust and debris, which can push them further, causing more blockage of your speakers instead of cleaning them. Moreover, the rice grains can also enter your charging port or other spaces in your device. That’s why it’s a bad idea to use this practice. 


One of the important things to be considered is the permanent damage that can occur by this method. Not only the speakers of your phone but also other ports and mic may be affected by this method. 

Alternative methods to clean your speaker


 One of the best ways to clear dust and water from your phone’s speaker is by using the Fix My Speaker web app. This app plays high bass sounds that not only expel the dust but also help in setting speakers to their normal sound. 


 You can also remove dust and water from your speakers by applying a low-suction vacuum. But make sure to avoid the direct contact of the nozzle with the speaker components. This method is reliable for ejecting water from deeper speakers. 


You can use adsorbents to remove moisture and clean your speakers. The most commonly used is Silica beads. You have to place them in a container and then place your phone there. Then airtight the container and wait for 48 to 72 hours. This technique will clean your speakers effectively. 


To avoid all the damage, we know that prevention is the main key. Avoid placing any beverage near your phone or laptop so that it can’t be accidentally dropped on your device and make it wet or faulty. Also regularly dust the surrounding area to avoid damage by debris to your speakers. 


Suppose you feel that your phone is fully soaked in water and it can’t be fixed with the above techniques. Then, seek professional help as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the speakers and other components of your phone. 

Other methods to clean your phone and other devices are also mentioned in the next article.


Yes, you can save your wet phone by using simple tricks like the Fix My Speaker web app or other techniques mentioned above.

Yes, rice can absorb moisture, but it’s a very slow process and has different cons, like the entering of dust or rice particles inside the phone. 

Silica beads, Instant couscous or oatmeal, crystal-based cat litter, and synthetic desiccant packets are all good alternatives to rice. You can get further information on drying phones without rice from here.


In conclusion, people use the rice method to dry their wet phones, but this method is not recommended. It causes more harm than good. The other methods mentioned in this article are recommended to fix your speakers and enjoy a better quality sound. Moreover, the FAQS added also make this article a perfect guideline for the reader. 

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