How To Fix HP Laptop Sound Not Working Issue?

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Are you facing sound issues with your HP laptop? Is this absence of sound impacting your essential tasks? This guide aims to resolve sound-related issues on your HP laptop effectively.

Check Hardware Connections

  • Inspect the Audio Ports to rule out physical damage or debris hindering proper connections.
  • Confirm that headphones or external speakers are correctly plugged.
  • Look for any crackling sound coming from the speaker.
  • If a distorted sound is coming from the speaker, it indicates water damage. Use the Fix My Speaker web app to expel water.
  • Test Audio Output with Different Devices to determine where the problem lies.

Update Audio Drivers

Use the Device Manager to check for updates of audio drivers. Update the outdated audio drivers and ensure compatibility and stability.

Here’s a table listing common audio drivers used in HP laptops

Driver NameDescription
Realtek High Definition Audio DriverA commonly used audio driver for HP laptops, providing high-quality audio output.
Conexant Audio DriverAnother frequently encountered audio driver, offering reliable performance and compatibility.
IDT High Definition Audio DriverWidely used in HP laptops, providing enhanced audio features and compatibility.
Intel Audio DriverThey are widely used in HP laptops, providing enhanced audio features and compatibility.
AMD High Definition Audio DeviceAMD High-Definition Audio Device
Audio Drivers used in HP Laptops

Adjust Sound Settings

  • Adjust volume levels and explore audio enhancement options for better sound quality.
  •  Explore common settings affecting audio output and troubleshoot accordingly.
  • Remove existing drivers and software before reinstallation.
  • Reinstalling Audio Software from the HP website.

Your HP laptop may have no sound for various reasons, including hardware connection issues, outdated audio drivers, or software conflicts.

Check for available updates in the Device Manager on your HP laptop. Look for any yellow exclamation marks or outdated driver versions, indicating the need for an update.

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