How to Remove Scratches from Your Phone Screen?

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Scratches on phone screens often occur due to accidental drops or coming into contact with sharp objects. These scratches can vary in depth, impacting the screen’s clarity and functionality. This article will explore effective methods for removing scratches from phone screens.

Commonly Used Methods

Toothpaste and Baking SodaMix toothpaste with baking soda to form a paste and gently rub onto the scratched area with a soft cloth. This can help diminish the appearance of minor scratches.
Vegetable Oil and Egg WhitesCombining vegetable oil with egg whites and applying the mixture to the scratched area can fill in minor scratches and improve the screen’s appearance.
Magic Eraser and WaterDampen a magic eraser with water and gently buff out scratches. Do not apply too much pressure, as it can further damage the screen.
Screen ProtectorsApply scratch-resistant protectors with self-healing properties to prevent new scratches.
Scratch-Removal CreamsSeveral scratch-removal creams are designed to reduce the appearance of scratches on phone screens.
Phone Screen ReplacementReplace the phone screen for deep or extensive scratches that cannot be repaired.
Methods to remove screen scratches


  • Cost-effective solutions for minor scratches.
  • Easy to apply and can be done at home.
  • Provides improvement in the appearance of the screen.


  • Some methods may not be suitable for all types of screens and coatings.
  • Initial costs for certain methods or products may be required.
  • Time-consuming processes, especially for repair or replacement services.

Minor scratches can be removed easily but deep scratches cant be removed with such tricks

Clean your phone screen daily or every few days to prevent dirt, oils, and debris from contributing to scratches over time.


In summary, addressing scratches on a phone’s screen is crucial for maintaining usability and aesthetics. Readers are encouraged to assess damage, try DIY methods cautiously, and opt for professional help when needed. Additionally, using preventive measures like screen protectors and phone cases can minimize future scratches, prolonging the screen’s lifespan.

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