How To Increase Bass On Airpods?

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In audio devices like Airpods, Bass is crucial because it contributes to a full and rich listening experience. It can transform a standard listening experience into something immersive and captivating. In this article, I will guide you best method to increase the bass of your Airpods.

Adjusting Equalizer Settings

  • Download the Apple Music app.
  • In Apple Music, go to “Settings.
  • Open Music” > “EQ” to access a range of preset options for different sound profiles.
  • Use the “Bass Booster” preset in the Apple Music EQ.
  • Change the frequency to avoid distortion or use the Fix My Speaker Web App.

Top Equalizer Apps for Airpods

  • Apple Music
  • Equalizer+
  • Boom
  • Bass Booster

key methods to improve bass on AirPods

Adjust EQ SettingsChange audio equalizer to increase bass
Use Third-Party AppsDownload apps with advanced audio controls.
Improve Fit and PlacementAdjust AirPods in the ear for better seal and bass
Try AccessoriesAdd accessories like Foam ear tips to enhance bass performance
Use Bass-Heavy MusicChoose songs or playlists with strong bass elements
Adjust Volume SensiblyHigher volume can sometimes improve the bass perception
Upgrade to Newer ModelsConsider AirPods Pro or newer models


In conclusion, you can use the methods mentioned above to increase the bass of your Airpods. Clean your Airpods for a better listening experience.

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