How To Put Apple Watch In Water Mode?

Put your Apple Watch In water mode image

Water Lock Mode is a vital feature on your Apple Watch, ensuring its safety during water-related activities. Understanding its significance and activation process is crucial for preserving your device.

Activating Water Lock Mode

  • Access Control Center
  • Tap the Water Lock icon
  • Alternatively, use Digital Crown

Using Your Apple Watch in Water

  • The screen becomes unresponsive      
  • Disable after-water activities   
  • Track swimming workouts accurately
  • Expel water from the speaker      
  • Verify water resistance

Additional Features

Water Exercise TrackingApple Watch allows you to track your swimming workouts accurately when Water Lock Mode is active. It captures essential metrics like laps, strokes, and calories burned, enhancing your fitness-tracking experience.
Water Ejection FeatureApple Watch has a water ejection feature after completing your water activities. Turning the Digital Crown emits a series of tones similar to Fix My Speaker that helps expel water from the device’s speaker.
Water Resistance VerificationWhile in Water Lock Mode, your Apple Watch undergoes a water resistance verification process. It checks for potential gaps in the device’s seals, ensuring optimal protection against water damage.

Caring for Your Apple Watch

After water exposure, ensure thorough drying of your Apple Watch to prevent moisture damage. Gently clean the device with a soft cloth, paying attention to susceptible areas. Regular inspection for signs of water damage is essential. You can further read Remove Water from your Apple Watch for more information.


Water Lock Mode is invaluable for safeguarding your Apple Watch during water-based pursuits. By following activation steps and adopting proper care practices, you can prolong your device’s lifespan and enjoy worry-free aquatic activities.

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