How To Fix Motorola Phone Speaker Not Working Issue?

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It’s frustrating When the phone produces no sound, no matter what you do or the sound quality is poor or unclear. It can occur due to various reasons and requires proper fixing. In this article, I will elaborate on the possible causes and methods to fix the Motorola Phone Speaker Issues.

Possible causes

  • Software Glitch: Issues with the phone’s operating system.
  • Hardware Damage: Physical damage to the speaker components.
  • Device Settings: Misconfigured settings affecting sound output.

Troubleshooting Steps

Restarting the PhonePower cycling the phone to refresh.
Ensure the phone’s software is up to date to fix bugs.
Restore the default settings to troubleshoot software issues.
Cleaning the SpeakerClear any obstructions from the speaker grill.
Blow away dust particles to improve sound quality.
Use mild cleaners to remove stubborn dirt without damaging it.
Checking ConnectivityEnsure Bluetooth settings are configured correctly.
Verify that wired connections are functioning properly.
Ensure the phone isn’t in airplane mode, affecting the sound.
Updating SoftwareEnsure the phone’s software is the latest version.
Reset the phone to its original settings as a last resort.
Consult with a technician for further assistance if needed.
Repairing HardwareRepairing the speaker parts.
Look for water damage. Use Fix My Speaker to eject water.
Consult with a professional for complex repairs.
Preventative MeasuresShield the phone from potential damage.
Protect the phone from extreme temperatures.     
Clean the phone periodically for issues.


In conclusion, you can follow the above methods to resolve the Motorola Phone speaker issue.

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