How To Fix Samsung Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode?

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Headphones make your listening experience personal and convenient. Sometimes, though, Samsung phones get stuck in Headphone Mode and the phone still thinks they’re connected. It’s frustrating and can mess up your day. I will explain some important steps to resolve the issue in this article.

How to Tell If Your Samsung Phone Is Stuck in Headphone Mode

  • Check the Headphone Jack: Check if there are any bent pins, or if dirt or anything is blocking it. If yes, use Fix My Speaker to remove it.
  • Use Headphones on Other Devices: Test your headphones on other devices, like laptops or tablets. If they work fine there but not on your phone, the issue is probably with your phone.
  • Check Sound Settings: Go into your phone’s settings>sound source>Speakers.

How to Fix This Issue

  • Restart Your Phone: One easy fix for a Samsung phone stuck in Headphone Mode is to turn it off and then back on again.
  • Clean the Headphone Jack: If restarting doesn’t work, try cleaning the headphone jack carefully. Always use a soft brush or some compressed air to clean your devices.
  • Use Apps: Use Third-Party Apps on your phone to help reset the audio settings.

Important Steps to Troubleshoot

Restart the PhoneTurn off your phone and then turn it back on.
Clean the Headphones portGently clean the headphone jack to remove any dirt or debris.
Reset Audio SettingsExplore software options to reset audio settings.
Check for Software UpdatesEnsure your phone’s software is up to date.
Try Safe ModeBoot your phone in Safe Mode to identify problematic apps.
Check Sound SettingsMake sure the sound settings direct audio to the speakers.
Test Different HeadphonesTry using different headphones to troubleshoot.
Perform a Factory ResetReset your phone to its original settings as a last resort.
Check for Physical DamageInspect the headphone jack for any damage.
Use Diagnostic ToolsUtilize diagnostic tools to identify and fix issues.
Update Audio DriversUpdate audio drivers to ensure compatibility.
Disable Headphone Detection FeatureTemporarily disable and re-enable the feature to reset detection.
Wipe CacheClear the system cache partition to remove temporary files.


In conclusion, the headphone issue in Samsung Phones can happen because of reasons like software problems, damage to the headphone jack, or stuff blocking the connection. You can follow the above steps to resolve this issue.

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