How to Fix Audio Not Working In Windows 10?

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Audio malfunctions are common in Windows 10, disturbing important daily routine tasks. These issues may be due to hardware, software, or system settings. I will enlist some important steps to resolve this issue in this article.

Checking Hardware Connections

Check Headphone ConnectionIf you are using headphones, make sure they are securely connected to the audio ports.
Verify Sound SettingsUse the control panel to check the sound settings. Ensure the correct playback device is selected and volume levels are adequate.
Update Audio DriversOutdated audio drivers are the main reason for sound issues in windows 10. Always keep your audio drivers up-to-date for smooth working.

Adjust Software Settings

Use Windows TroubleshooterUse it to detect and resolve common audio issues.
Set Playback DevicesOpen sound settings and configure playback devices to ensure audio output selection.
Reset Audio ServicesIt helps resolve playback issues by refreshing the system configuration.

Update Operating System and Applications

Check for Windows UpdatesRegularly check for Windows updates to obtain patches and fixes addressing audio-related bugs.
Update Audio ApplicationsKeep third party audio applications up-to-date for smooth working.
Restart Windows Audio ServiceIt helps resolve minor glitches and refresh audio connections.

Common Audio Troubleshooting Steps

1Check connections
2Update drivers
3Use troubleshooter
4Adjust settings
5Update software
6Restart services
7Disable enhancements
8Reset driver
9Perform system restore

Common Audio Drivers Used In Windows 10

Realtek HD Audio
Conexant Audio
VIA HD Audio
Intel Audio
AMD High Definition Audio
NVIDIA High Definition Audio

Advanced Solutions

  • Disable Audio Enhancements to resolve crackling sounds.
  • Use the Fix My Speaker web app to eject dust and water from speakers.
  • Reset Audio Driver Through Device Manager.
  • Factory reset your system to the previous state.

You can fix the HP laptop sound not working issue by following the steps mentioned in the article.

If none of the above methods works, seek professional help and ask him to check for both software and hardware issues.

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