Why Can’t You Hear Calls on Your iPhone?

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IPhone users frequently face difficulties with call audio, such as low volume, distorted sound, or intermittent disruptions. These issues can significantly impact their overall calling experience. In this article, I will discuss various factors contributing to this issue.

Hardware Issues

  • Speaker Malfunction: It includes damage, or wear and tear with the speakers. Inspect and repair the speaker or seek professional help in this case.
  • Ear Speaker Blockage: The ear speaker, located at the top of the iPhone, can accumulate dust or debris over time, affecting call audio. Clean the speaker using the Fix My Speaker web app.
  • Microphone Problems: Check for physical damage, and ensure no obstructions are blocking the microphone. Seek professional assistance if necessary.

Software Glitches

  • Update IOS: Outdated software can contribute to call audio problems. Users should regularly check for iOS updates in the Settings app, ensuring their iPhone runs the latest software version to benefit from bug fixes and improvements related to call audio.
  • Call Audio Settings: Adjusting call audio settings can optimize the user’s experience. Explore settings related to call volume, equalization, and other audio preferences.
  • App Interference: Third-party apps or software glitches may interfere with call audio. Uninstall the problematic apps to solve the issue.

Network Problems

  • Low Signal Strength: Low signal strength can lead to call audio issues, causing dropped calls or poor sound quality. Move to an area with better signals to avoid the issue.
  • VoLTE Enabled: Voice over LTE (VoLTE) can impact call quality. Please navigate to the iPhone’s settings, and disable or enable VoLTE based on the carrier’s recommendations.

Other Factors

  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Enabling Do Not Disturb mode can silence calls, potentially causing users to miss important communications.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Users experiencing audio issues should check Bluetooth settings, disconnect any paired devices, and observe if this resolves the problem.

If issues persist, consider contacting Apple support for further assistance or visiting an authorized service center for professional help.

Update your IOS or clear your cache to resolve the Bluetooth audio delay issue in your iPhone.


In short, by fixing problems with the phone’s physical parts, software issues, network troubles, and other random factors, users can solve the call audio issues on their iPhones.

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